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Poker, Football and another Challenge

[ Posted May 2nd, 2010 ] by The Dean

Carl SampsonThis week has been a really strange week for me. To cap it all off we get an Atletico Madrid versus Fulham Europa League final and who could have predicted that at the start of the season. Seeing as I have predicted that Fulham would get knocked out at every single knockout stage then it just shows what I know about football. I have managed to play some serious poker this week (serious for me) and I have won over $3k……that is precisely what I mean by strange.

Losing seems to be the name of the game whenever I play poker recently and I decided to throw my dice in a $30-$60 limit game. This is a game that I haven’t played in ages and it really showed. I didn’t think that there were any weak spots on the table and I really shouldn’t have been there but it also shows that I am playing poker more for entertainment these days and not for my bottom line. It is hardly professional bankroll management but I bought in for 25 big blinds and everything went well from the get go. This is how I like to play now, buy-in for minimal amounts in sizeable games and then watch the games for a while and try to find some discernable patterns.

Personally I think that had I stayed and played with these guys that they would have adapted very quickly and come back at me and I was never going to give them the opportunity. You can often catch some very good players out playing like this and it is something that no one should be ashamed of. At the end of the day, money is money.

Speaking of money, if only things were going better in my $100 to $10k challenge. After 37 hours of what seems like utter hell this month playing the $6 and $4 games then my bankroll currently stands at $145. I will be so glad when I get away from these levels and I am still spewing money all over the place. But a $45 profit is a $45 profit and I have my reward points that I can use soon which should add about another $10 to the bankroll…..at this rate I will need it.

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