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Drowning in the River

[ Posted March 14th, 2006 ] by admin

our sitting in first position and the dealer has been kind, dealing you two black Cowboys, Ks Kc. Short stacked you push All-in for about 6 times the big blind, with 5 to act behind you. It’s folded around to the big blind that has you slightly covered. He thinks for a short time, and then finally pushes his chips in the middle. You’re happy with his call as he turns over Qh 7h, you’ve got him 4-1 underdog, a great position to be in. Meanwhile you’re thinking about how you don’t want to see your Kings get busted, and you’ve got a ugly feeling that something funky is about to happen. Dealer knocks the table and flops 5 2 J, rainbow. The feeling of being outdrawn is starting to subside, while the thought of doubling up is feeling all the sweeter. He’s looking at runner-runner to get out of this spot. Turn comes a 7, you get a little shaky, there’s a few more outs coming his way now. River is a dagger to the heart, Queen of spades. Two pair Queens and Sevens sucked out on your Kings. This is actually a true story of mine which still cuts deep into my mind. This was my first real money tournament in a brick n mortar casino.

Its funny how I remember this bad beat as clear as day as well as many other bad beats I’ve suffered, but cant for the life of me remember the big pots I’ve won when my Cowboys did hold up. What I have learned though is sometimes you get what you should have and sometimes they get lucky.

We all hear stories from a friend about how they were outdrawn on Fifth Street. How painful it was and how he/she had ‘no right’ contesting that pot. The truth of the matter is, the better poker player will always receive more bad beats than the suckers out there. If you’re always getting your money in the pot with the best hand you’re leaving yourself open to catching bad beats, and you’ll rarely give a bad beat. On the other hand if you’re always getting your money in with the worst of it, most of the time you aren’t going to be very profitable, but you are going to dish out some bad beats from time to time.

At the end of the day, if you’re playing the best hand correctly and lose, that’s the way it is, it can’t be changed. But in the long run you’ll come good. If you’re the 4-1 underdog, odds say you’ll catch that lucky card one time every four times and lose the rest.

But after all that’s said, losing to a sucker never seems to ease the pain.


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