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So Funny I Rolled

[ Posted February 27th, 2010 ] by The Dean

I was playing a NL400 heads up last night when the following hand came up. I was in the big blind with 10s-6s. I had bought in for $400 and had watched a certain player for a while. They had run well and had amassed around $1000. I was a little up on them so effective stacks were around $420.

They were very LAG even for a heads up and we were only about ten hands into the contest. They raise to $12 and I think that all three plays have merit at this stage but I decide to call for balance. The pot is $24 and the flop comes 4s-3c-2s giving me the flush draw, gutshot straight draw and two overcards.

Leading out with a draw of that size is a solid line and probably better than check-raising which is the line I chose. So I checked knowing that they would c-bet although I think that leading out is the better line. Anyway I check and they bet $16 and I check-raise to $72. They insta all-in shove for their entire stack! The effective all-in is for $336 as this is all that I have left.

The pot is $504 and it costs me $336 so the pot odds are 1.5/1. I could have as many as 18 outs here but the likelihood is that I may need to make the flush or the straight as the six may not be enough although the ten might be if they are shoving a medium pocket pair. Even discounting my outs for non nut hands, tied hands and possibly hitting second best hands then I cannot be much worse than even money here so I called.

Anyway he shows 4d-3d for top two pair and the turn card is the Kc and river card is the As giving me a flush on the river. Then it all kicked off……I have been called some things in my time but this was something else. I almost reported the guy to be honest but then I just sat back and laughed because some of the things were so funny. Although later on I suspected that he could have been trying to make me think that he was tilting when he wasn’t!

I listened for a while but then left the game as I had other things to do like watch the football and you don’t often see ten goals in a game of football do you. The jackal has had two more sessions since we last spoke and I have won a further $211 so a decent start on the whole.

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