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REVIEW: Poker Office 5 Tracking Software

[ Posted November 17th, 2009 ] by The Dean



Back in the old days of online poker, we all had to endure the hardship of only being able to play a single solitary table. Those days are long gone and thankfully for that. But multi-tabling presents its very own unique set of problems too and the main one is that it makes it far more difficult to track the playing styles of your opponents.

Having too many players to watch over and then take notes on is a tiresome painstaking process. But tracking software significantly changes this situation and makes it far simpler to track many players at the same time and also far more effectively.

I need accuracy when I am playing online and the next step for me was to select the best tool on the market to do that job. I have used Poker Office now for over a year and the transformation in my game has been phenomenal. The built in HUD (heads up display) has always been a great added bonus as far as I am concerned as I can view real time statistics on every single player on my table. I currently play at pokerloco – http://www.pokerloco.com/thedean where accuracy is crucial.


I always preferred the easier to use feel of the earlier versions of Poker Office over other types of tracking software like PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager. So I was especially excited to hear that Poker Office 5 was to be launched and I was keen to see what advances had been made over earlier versions.

This certainly did not disappoint as the new version could boast a brand new statistics engine, a new overlay and tons more statistics. It also has support for Windows Vista users which I am certain many thousands of players will find more than useful.


Any online poker player lives and dies by the level and accuracy of the statistics that they use. The new improved statistics on Poker Office 5 allow you to see so many crucial pieces of information. For instance statistics like 3 bet % can tell you many important things about a player but that’s just the tip of the iceberg as the new  Poker Office 5 boasts over 200 highly relevant statistics to choose from.

This is all underpinned by the all new statistics engine which older users of Poker Office will notice immediately as the new version 5 is a lot faster. An improved advanced caching routine allows you to cache all data thus making the loading time of old data far quicker.


Finding profitable games is becoming increasingly important in online poker and the new “fish finder” feature in Poker Office 5 allows you to find profitable players far faster. You can search your entire database of players for the criteria that you specifically want that fits in with your own individual style in the games that you play. This allows you to find profitable players far quicker than with the older version and thus really start to get to work on using your opponent’s styles of play as a weapon to defeat them.

Poker Office 5 also boasts a much improved overlay as well with integrated pop up windows. Just simply clicking on the buttons in the overlay brings up pop up windows showing a whole host of highly relevant data on the players who are on your table.


The ability to analyse your game after each and every session is of course of paramount importance and Poker Office 5 does this better than any of its competitors in the field in my opinion. But the correct and prolonged usage of state of the art software like Poker Office 5 means that winning money in online poker not only becomes much easier to achieve but will also assist you in becoming a far better and more rounded poker player.

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