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Online poker without the USA players

[ Posted May 3rd, 2011 ] by contract

It’s been a few weeks now since the DOJ stopped the big poker rooms from offering services to the Unites States.

The question now is… Is online poker easier now? What are the tables looking like?

Let’s put some perspective on this. You are in a no limit hold em poker tournament, on your left is a super tight player, they will only open with the nuts. 2 places to your right is a maniac, plays every hand. Your play is pretty much dictated by these players. You are looking to pressure the player to your left and wait for a monster and extract value from the maniac.

Now, let’s open this theory up a little and have a look at the big picture. How were Americans perceived at the tables? Do they have a particular playing style? Were they better than the average player?

This is my opinion, but I am biased and believe I have a pretty good assessment of this… but, Americans were reasonable players. Of course there will always be the odd Yankee fish floating around, but for the most part players from the USA had a solid game. Let’s face the facts, over there you only have to flick the TV channel over a couple of times before you see some form of poker being played live, couple this with the theory available and overall this will produce a reasonable poker player.

So how has this changed? What we have left is a mix of euro and rest of the world players – and don’t they love to gamble with nothing. Of course I am stereotyping, but not all of these players are weak, but oh my, there is a plethora of them that are. I guarantee you one thing, if you couldn’t take a bad beat before, please lock your PC/MAC/Laptop into a bullet-proof perspex casing as you will no doubt feel the burn… and hotter than ever before. But if you wear bad beats like a dirty t-shirt, then this new online poker world of absolute value is for you.

Most of these countries are still developing when it comes to poker, there are so many ‘new’ players to the game and we all remember how we were when we first started. Whereas, the USA are the most developed of all countries in the world when it comes to the poker table. Let’s face it; the modern game was basically re-invented there.

Feel like trying some of these American-Free poker rooms? We’ve put together a list of rooms which we think are the easiest…

888POKER - Hit the cash tables here, they are waiting for you and are renowned for their soft play

LUCKYACE POKER – Again, the cash tables are juicy…

FULL TILT POKER – Why not hit the tournaments here, they still have guaranteed prize pool tournaments which aren’t reaching guarantee – so some awesome overlays available.

If you haven’t opened an account with these rooms, maybe now is the best of anytime, pick a deposit bonus and get a little extra as well. But one word of advice, don’t tap on the tank when you find a live one.

Any Q’s feel free to ask us here at allaussiepoker.com



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