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Biggest Online Poker Pot Ever! $728k

[ Posted October 27th, 2008 ] by admin

Full Tilt PokerYesterday saw the biggest online poker pot ever contested. The $728k pot was played out onFull Tilt Poker.

The action was between "Urindanger"  and "Durrrr" (Tom Dwan). It was an action-packed session of poker, as the top 3 biggest pots ever played online were recorded during this session.

You think you’ve had bad days? How about Dwan losing a combined total in the top 2 biggest pots ever played online of over $1.4millionUSD in the one session! When most of us lose a big pot or have a losing session we can easily go on tilt, lose it, walk away, whatever it is we do… not this kid, Durrrr worked away for the rest of the session and broke even, EVEN!

Watching these games can definitely give you an insight into the mind of big game poker players. All the big pots can be seen atFull Tilt Poker.

Click the replay to see how the action un-folded…

 Biggest Online Poker Pots

Room Time Winner Loser Game Stakes Pot Replay
1. Download Full Tilt Poker Software Full Tilt  Oct 26 Urindanger durrrr NLHE $500/1000 $723,938 Replay
2. Download Full Tilt Poker Software Full Tilt Oct 25 John Juanda durrrr NLHE $500/1000 $678,069 Replay
3. Download Full Tilt Poker Software Full Tilt Oct 25 durrrr LarsLuzak NLHE $500/1000 $617,968 Replay
4. Download Full Tilt Poker Software Full Tilt Sep 12 patatino trex313 NLHE $500/1000 $609,730 Replay
5. Download Full Tilt Poker Software Full Tilt Sep 12 David Benyamine Patrik Antonius NLHE $500/1000 $604,247 Replay

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