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The Jackal is doing the business

[ Posted March 6th, 2010 ] by The Dean

Carl SampsonI am $414 ahead so far with the Jackal but I am running into difficulties in playing enough hours and this may be even more of a problem next month. I have managed to play around 2.5k hands so the earn rate so far is $16.56/100 hands. This equates to $4.13/100 per table or just over 8bb.

Still early days of course but I am going to try to get someone to play The Jackal for me as a test starting next month. I have also been playing some heads up again but things haven’t gone too well and I am experiencing what i think is a correction.

Still been a good solid start to the year though but the Jackal is currently running at $59/hour in total……but early days like I said. I am going to have a few other areas next month that are going to be taking up huge chunks of my time so posts may be less but hopefully somebody with a temperament far better than mine will report some better results than what I could have achieved with The Jackal.

What I should have done was give the Vulture to this guy and let him use that, I would have bet my bottom teeth that he would have earned more. Still…..all water under the bridge. So starting the 1st Feb I am going to be concentrating on HUNLHE and will be leaving the Jackal to someone else.

The results will still get reported obviously so do keep a look out for that

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