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The $1 Million Cash Game Live Update

[ Posted January 25th, 2009 ] by contract

The $1 Million Cash Game Live Update.
25th-26th JANUARY, Crown Casino, Melbourne 

This game is over and we look at who came out on top
POSTED 1:52am

Patrik was a big winner, even though he lost that big pot again Robl late, his nights work was most likely around the 300k – 500k winner. Other winners were Pickering who would be close to a 150k+ and Robl up a a healthy amount also.

Undoubtedly our losers for the night were:

 Tom Dwan - although made a nice chip up once the other players came, didn’t quite make up the half million he was down earlier in the night.  Down about 300k

Phil ‘Unibomber Laak – Who gave away 200k in one hand then took a 200k loan from Dwan to stay in the game, only to give about 80k back to Dwan in the last hand of the night. Down roughly 300k.

Ferguson and Jedlicka had a fairly quite night, although Ferguson is usually known for his fairly tight cash game and was the last to arrive. I guess did join the game til quite late.

It wasn’t quite the monster $1 Million pot-fest we had all anticipated. But we have to expect that, as Phil Ivey left Melbourne early to attend to other matters and Gus Hansen deciding not to play. So blinds were dropped and players came in. Even though, we still saw alot of action and probably the biggest cash game poker we’ve ever seen in Australia.

Thanks for tuning in. Hope everyone enjoyed the updates. I look forward to seeing the broadcast. But until then I might go watch the end of the Australian Open tennis match Baghdatis Vs Djokic match.

2 decent pots to finish up
POSTED 1:35am

The first big pot came in PLO between Antonius and Robl.

We basically saw the money go in on a  flop. The pot was around the $250,000 mark.

A bit of discussion then opened up about how many times they would run it. The table then decided they would like to see it run 4 times.

Patrik shows:
Robl shows:

Patrik on the big draw. Robl with the made hand.

The first turn and river came  giving 1/4 of the pot to Robl

The second came a  and then . Antonius hitting his draw only to get the re-draw to Robl’s full-house. Robl then owned half the pot.

Patrik needed the next 2 for a chop at best.

The third came,  and Roble was taking the lion share of this one.

The fourth and last came . Antonius unbelievably missed again and shipped the full pot to Robl.

Too bad we may not even see this on the broadcast as the pot came in the viewer UN-friendly Omaha rather than hold’em.

The next pot came on the final hand of the night in Hold’em.

The action started with Dwan with folds around to him on the button. Pickering called from the SB and Laak checked his option in the BB.

The flop came

Checked to Dwan again, he fired out $3,400 and was called by Laak.

The turn peeled of a

Laak checked again and called another $8,800 as the action went to the river.

The river fell , Laak checked once again and Dwan put in a huge overbet of $62,200 into a $28,800 pot. Laak tanked for several minutes before making the crying call “alright” and put the $62.2k into the pot. Dwan turned over  for the flush, Laak mucked and Dwan took down a big one.



2009 Aussie Millions - Tom Dwan20 minutes left
POSTED 12:40am

We’ve got roughly 20mins left til this game gets wrapped up. So far since the last break, there hasn’t been any huge pots to talk about. Pickering did take another 30k from Dwan but other than that, we can only hope for a bit of action before we head off for some late Sunday night drinks.


The action has returned. Looks like some non-poker gamble has come out to play
POSTED 12:15am

The play has returned. During the break some of the guys decided to play some chinese poker. Then the action went to some interesting statistics.

The first was a over/under bet of what Chris Fegurson would say to, “How many kangaroos were killed by vehicles in the last 24 in Australia”. Laak and Dwan went with “over 4″ and Robl went with “under 8″.

Ferguson then delved into his mind and came up with “4″. Meaning Robl took the bet.

Dwan then commented that he had been playing yesterday and someone came up with “the total number of women the average 30yr old American Male has slept with during his life”. He then went on to add the things you would need to take into account such as “really religious” people who would bring the average down.


The story so far
POSTED 12:00am

Patrik, Jamie and Niki seem to be the biggest winners, while Laak and Dwan fill up the losing end of proceedings.

It looks as though play will finish up at around 1am local time, which basically means we’ve only got an hour or so left. You may then want to tune into Full Tilt Poker where a few of these guys may want to continue this high stakes game online from their laptops in their hotel rooms.

Players are having a short 10 min break.

Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson has joined the game and Pickering takes another big pot
POSTED 11:50pm:

 Ferguson has made his way to the table buying-in for the standard 200k amount. He was straight into the action from the first hand. With a raise of $3,500 to him he re-raised to $20,300. It was then called by Jedlicka, Dwan and Pickering and we went 4 handed to a $81,000 pot.

The flop comes

Dwan was first to bet and he did exactly that, sliding out $31,400. Ferguson folded, Pickering flat called and Jedlicka then folded.

The turn was  . Dwan then made it $41,800 and Pickering again called.

The river fell  Dwan put his betting gun away, checked. Pickering seemed happy to get a free showdown and also checked. Dwan said he had a duece and Pickering showed his A-K for top pair and the winning hand.

Biggest Pot of the full ring game so far
POSTED 11:29pm:

After a few raises and re-raises pre-flop, Laak and Jedlicka got it all in pre-flop, where they agreed to run the board twice.


Both boards didn’t help Laak as he shipped a couple of hundred thousand over to Jedlicka’s stack. Phil then went to the Dwan-bank for another 200k. Dwan was only too happy to slip him a few of his chips.

Chris Ferguson could be making his entrance shortly
POSTED 11:17pm:

Andrew Robl just took a nice pot from Niki Jedlicka in the PLO. Roble made it $9,500 from the button with 2 callers, Antonius and Jedlicka.

The flop came . After 2 checks, Robl made it $17,000 to go. Jedlicka made the call and Antonius folded.

The came  and the play slowed down. Jedlicka made the long check and Roble made a bet of 46k, Jedlicka folded.

Meanwhile, Ferguson could be making his way into the game after his 2nd place in the 10k HORSE event. We’ll wait and see if he comes in.

Pickering picking up another pot
POSTED 10:57pm:

Back to hold’em-

It’s folded to Dwan on the button who popped it to $3,800 to go. Pickering from the small blind re-popped it to $12,000 and Dwan made the call.

Meanwhile, there was some talk about banana eating with Antonius and Jedlicka. But Robl wanted nothing to do with it, stating “Three guys in a row eating bananas? Someone’s gonna Photoshop it and put it on the internet. I don’t want to be involved in that picure.”

You can imagine the fun some people may have with a photo like that.

But back to the hand, the flop came and Pickering fired out a bet of $15,000 just under half the pot. Dwan layed it down and Pickering takes another one down.

Laak talking everyones ears off
POSTED 10:38pm:

Phil Laak has taken it upon himself to make sure this cash game get him some good publicity. He’s talking to his hold camera, other players and even the production crew. He’s already asked that they don’t put “that thing where you explain the rules of hold’em? It’s not necessary. It’s so painful.” That may very well be true, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens with the broadcast.

Meanwhile, the quiet Pickering, has just picked up a 20k+ pot from Patrik Antonius. The play is PLO once again.

The dynamics at this table are about to get very interesting
POSTED 10:10pm:

Hansen has finally left the room. But 4 more players have decided to join. They draw for seats as follows:

Seat 1: Jamie Pickering
Seat 2: Phil ‘Unibomber’ Laak
Seat 3: Patrik Antonius
Seat 4: Niki Jedlicka
Seat 5: Andrew Robl
Seat 6: Tom Dwan

Each player is buying in for 200k. The blinds have moved to $500 / $1000 with $200 ante for hold’em only. It seems even though Hansen isn’t likely to play, Dwan has ordered himself a vodka and cranberry anyway.

Dwan claws back  and is working on getting Gus Hansen into the game
POSTED 10:02pm:

Tom Dwan is making up ground on Antonius. They are currently playing PLO.

While Dwan takes down a few pots, he is also chatting to Gus Hansen on the rail. Telling him to get into the game. Gus is declining his offer as he “has been drinking”. This doesn’t sway Dwan from working away at him. Telling him he’ll do “a shot, or two or even 3 to catch up”. Hansen was having none of it, although he isn’t leaving either. He end up playing after all. We’ll soon see.

Players are back
POSTED 9:01pm:

Players have just returned to the action. Although I believe the TV crew haven’t returned. They may miss the biggest pot ever televised…

While you wait…
POSTED 8:37pm:

We thought we’d give you an update of what’s happening over on the HORSE tournament. We are down to heads up play between Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson and the Russian Alexander Kostritsyn.

Chip Count:
Alexander Kostritsyn: 447,000
Chris Ferguson: 53,000

Kostritsyn looks poised to take it down with almost a 10-1 chip lead on Ferguson

Updated Chip Counts – Dwan goes further into the red
POSTED 8:25pm:

Tom Dwan: $477,000 AUD
Patrik Antonius: $2,023,000 AUD

Dwan’s down $523,000. Patrik obviously up the same amount.

Players are taking a 30min break so the TV guys can grab a bite to eat. They should return shortly, as it has been about 20min now. We may have another player joining the mix after the break…

Patrik Antonius builds on his start2009 Aussie Millions - $1 Million Cash Game
POSTED 7:55pm:

Dwan has $2 Million. But only started on the table with $1 Million.
Antonius started with $1.5 Million and had the entire amount on the table to start.

After 100 hands, Current Updated Chip counts:
Antonius: $1,866,500 AUD (+$366,500 AUD)
Dwan: $633,500 AUD (-$366,500 AUD)


We have cards in the air!
POSTED 7:35pm:

Right now we only have the 2 players battling it out, with Patrik Antonius and the arguably the hottest internet high stakes player Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan.

With this format it’s basically whatever the players want, as this is a televised event, it’s most likely causing the producers a massive headache. Especially when players are requesting games other than the easy viewing of no limit hold’em. At the moment the 2 are playing 20 hands of No Limit Hold’em and then 20 hands of Pot Limit Omaha. But talk of mixed games have been mentioned.

It’s called the $1 Million Cash Game, but that doesn’t mean players are restricted to $1 Million. Antonius came to the table first and brang with him a stack of various denominations of chips totally to $1,500,000 AUD. Dwan showed up about half an hour later topping his opponents entry to bring in for $2,000,000 AUD. Even though he has more money on the table, it’s Antonius who has the small edge winning a few 50k + pots, but nothing to dent the Dwan stack.

Both players have spoken about how to recruit other players to the game. Dwan coming up with the idea of heading the super high rollers rooms and offering players $20,000 for playing 100 hands with them. While Antonius suggested offering a 20% rebate of any loss incurred while playing. Still no other players have arrived.

Pokernews had a chat with Patrik Antonius & Tom Dwan moments before they headed for the $1 Million Cash Game


Stayed tuned for more action…

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